thesocialfabric Academy

thesocialfabric Academy bridges the worlds of business, politics, and academia. With our current focus on blockchain and AI technologies, we aim to bring business leaders the insights from economics and political science that they require to operate in a highly volatile environment. What are the political implications of my business operations? How does that translate into prospects of regulatory action? How will my visions for tomorrow impact stakeholders in diverse communities?

For the political and administrative side of things, we bring deciders and politicians up to date on emerging technology trends. What does the tech world mean when they talk about “3rd gen AI”? What are “self-enforcing contracts” and “trustless environments”? How will those trends impact the communities I serve?

thesocialfabric Academy conveys in-depth knowledge on topics that are decision-critical but that too often are viewed mono-thematically and without the appropriate width and depth. Please send us an email for details and for ways to participate in thesocialfabric Academy events.