thesocialfabric Consulting

Who we are and what we do
We are social scientists who use the most advanced methods and insights to support your decision making processes. We specialize in designing, implementing and evaluating new policies. Our motto “Weaving the Social Fabric”, expresses our commitment to go beyond  narrowly defined questions and challenges. We are looking at the bigger picture, so you can make more focused decisions.

We use advanced quantitative and qualitative methods, including agent based simulations, machine learning, and network analysis. The choice of methods is always tailored to meet your questions and your needs. To us, each client is unique. And we always strive for excellence.

Founded in 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, we have since expanded our activities to Berlin, New York, and beyond. Our references include municipal governments as well as federal agencies. Our dedicated team combines creativity with a focus on results.

Dr. Christian Martin, founder and CEO at thesocialfabric, is a political science professor at the University of Kiel (Germany). He is currently based in New York City, working out of New York University’s Center for European and Mediterranean Studies. At the University of Kiel, he is the head of the research group “Comparative Politics, Interdependence and Globalization”. Christian graduated from the University of Konstanz in 2000 and received his doctorate from there in 2002. He was a post-doctoral fellow at the Max-Planck Institute of Economics in Jena, a visiting scholar at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), assistant professor of political science at the University of Hamburg’s Center for Globalization and Governance, and a visiting assistant professor at Northwestern University (Evanston and Chicago, USA). Christian has a strong focus on quantitative methods and agent based simulation.

Dr. Tim Kaiser, CEO and partner at thesocialfabric, is assistant professor of economics and business didactics at the University of Koblenz-Landau. Tim holds a B.A., M.A. and doctorate from the University of Kiel. In 2010, he studied at Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI, USA. Tim is an expert in the design, implementation and analysis of large-scale surveys and randomized controlled trials. He has worked extensively in the field in Sub-Sahara  Africa.

Evidence based policies and decisions
Globalization and increasing social complexity require evidence based decision making. At thesocialfabric, we are convinced that decisions are better if they are based on evidence derived from systematic research. The scientific method questions our preconceptions and challenges our beliefs. That way, we become empowered to  choose the path of action that is best, successfully shaping our common future.

What works? 
Rigorously evaluating the effectiveness of innovations and reforms is crucial to delivering the best results. What would the results look like without reform? Are the outcomes causally connected to the reform? Are there alternatives paths of action that can improve the effects of a reform once it is implemented? To answer questions like these, we can employ advanced empirical social science methods. The question is ultimately about causality; one our social science background equips us to deal with in a unique manner. With its focus on identification problems over the past few years, social science methodology has improved vastly to tackle such questions. Today, mere correlation is not enough. We employ methods that approximate the logic of randomized controlled trials (the classic “experiment”) as far as possible. The increasing availability of large data sets and the increasing sophistication in dealing with them has enabled us to more closely match this gold standard of evaluation even in ex-post designs. So, no matter at what point in the innovation cycle you choose to talk to us, we are always ready to support you in your decisions.

Micro targeting and efficient communication 
Understanding the preferences and needs of customers, voters and other stakeholders is essential for decisions that lead to success. We can help you find out what moves individuals and communities that matter to you. Using big data approaches and advanced survey tools, we are at your side to develop custom made solutions. We can analyze your communication networks and optimize your communication strategies.

Blockchain technology, smart contracts and new modes of governance
Blockchain technology and smart contract applications have the potential to drastically reduce transaction costs and to change the way we think about governance. We offer consulting on all questions around this exciting  innovation.